Globe Ambassador: Nerissa Dumantay

Department: GXi
Innate care: Address customer queries on network.
Ka-Globe for 2 years and 6 months.

Because of the products and services training, I can do simple troubleshooting for my friends.”

Nerissa Dumantay

“How KMS saved the day”

“I love chatting (WeChat, Kakao, etc.). Whenever a chat-mate finds out I’m from Globe, they usually raise concerns.

One chat-mate, a Chinese businessman staying here in the Philippines, complained that his Globe Tattoo 4G stick is sometimes very slow.

I asked for his account number and checked with NTG while researching via Knowledge Management System (KMS). I learned that his problem was related to data cap limit, so I told him about it.

Another time, a friend complained about her PHP 7,000 bill shock. My training taught me that data usage was probably the cause. I informed her that some apps automatically connect to the net, so she should turn her data on ONLY when she needs to.

We checked her latest bill and confirmed data services was the culprit. Ngayon, PHP 2,000 na lang bill niya.”

Why be a Globe Ambassador?

“I was at a party when my friend revealed that I work for Globe. I was immediately swarmed by people telling me their network concerns and I couldn’t even address one issue!

I just said, ‘Can I get your account number so I can find someone to help you?’. I also referred to our social medial channels. Sometimes, though they get frustrated kasi daw walang feedback.’

I was frustrating that I could not help them — or even my own family — right away. So I became an ambassador.”

My insight

“As a subscriber, I wasn’t aware of our products. I just chose a plan for me and my parents without thinking if it was the best one. Turns out that you have to take actual use into consideration (whether they prefer to text or call) to get the best value for money. Now, I gladly share what I learned with out subscribers.”

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