Access NEO for your Vendor Employee needs!

• Integrated end-to-end process for VEs (from Requisition to Offboarding)
• Standardized rates across job families based on market data, position level, and work experience
• Clear tracking of non-regular employee status
• Quicker time to productivity due to ready tools of work, workspace, and access to systems upon onboarding
• Better planning and projection for process owners

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Launch FieldGlass to create requisition

Build your team with TALEO!

• Describe the best fit talent in one page
• Get notified on approvals via email
• Budgeted requisition goes thru a single approver

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iREFER people who share our Purpose!

• Digital referrals only, submitted through Taleo
• List of Job Openings available, so Ka-Globe can choose positions for their referrals
• Referral Incentives are now on a case to case basis, identified by the HR Staffing team

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LOANS for Ka-Globe who need a helping hand

• Know the different types of loans
• Attach supporting documents online. No need for a hard copy

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Leaving on a jet plane? Read these TRAVEL Guidelines!

• Assess the need for travel
• File your travel requirements via the online BTTA
• Book early to get better rates
• View our list of accredited hotels for exclusive discounts

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