Plan for the Next Globe

Goals must be:


to our business strategy, within and across your group/division


by a set of principles
Motivational, Achievable, Relevant, Trackable, Specific


upon by all parties involved

Nothing beats good plannning & execution integration

Watch Ernest talk about our banner year — and how we can repeat that feat

Why PPE?

Performance Management…

… is a partnership between the employee and his/her immediate superior.

Leaders help drive the employee’s performance through timely target setting, quality dialogues, and follow through of individual development plans.

Employees actively seek to clarify and monitor their own performance and development plans.

… is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

Coaching conversations, and regular performance reviews are expected.

… is equally focused on how we deliver our targets.

Employees manifest self-leadership.

Leaders manifest team leadership.

… recognizes the unique contributions of employees, and supports employee’s development needs.

Leaders have a firm grasp of the current changes, dependencies, and competencies of his/her Direct Reports to make critical decisions on the employee’s performance, result and next steps.

This is done through a Multi-Rater Feedback tool, where leaders monitor critical incidents, seek feedback, and address performance gaps.

Make it Happen

In sum, our Performance Management process enables us to live out the Globe Way.
We put our customers first.

Are our targest and initiatives realistic? Do they meet or exceed our peers, customers and stakeholders’ (internal and external) expectations?

Our people make the different.

Do we intentionally identify and address performance gaps? Do we actively develop our team members?

We act with Integrity.

Do we know our Direct Reprots’ unique performance gaps and, take steps to support their development?

We care like an owner.

Do we take full ownership of our individual goals and seek help when needed? Do we invest our time to coach and develop our people?

We keep things simple.

Are we able to give a performance rating that truly represents the employee’s performance? Does the employee understand this?

To us, it’s be fast or be last.

Do we ensure that our employees have a head start in hitting their targets by setting their individual plans on time?

The Benefits

Performance Management is a partnership between the employee and his/her immediate superior. Being in a partnership means…

as an employee…
  • I understand the value of achieving my targets through the Globe Way.
  • I can initiate & participate in a meaningful, regular, and transparent performance dialogues with my Superior.
  • I am satisfied with the support of my Superior gives to address my performance gaps using a development plan.
as a People Manager, I am able to say…
  • I can better assess past performance against targets and how they were achieved through The Globe Way.
  • I am able to initiate meaningful, regular, and transparent dialogues or my Direct Report’s contribution to company goals.
  • I am fully committed to support my Direct Report’s success by addressing his/her performance gaps using a development plan.

I make it happen. I have a personal contribution in achieving our company’s goals through the Globe Way.”


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